Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Amazing Remarkable Brain

     The human brain is a wonderful mechanism and is made up of many connecting tissues. It sends messages to regulate body temperature, heart rate, breathing patterns, sight, smell, what we hear, feel and think.
     It is easier to diagnose when a person is suffering from a broken pancreas because they eventually start to show signs of dehydration and low responses to sugars in the body. It is easier to diagnose a heart condition when the heart starts to skip beats or sends signals of pain. The brain is such a complex unit of the body and can send its own unique signals to show signs of broken neuronal pathways. It is much harder to diagnose a broken brain or figure out how to help it. An unregulated brain can cause so much destruction to the body and release higher levels of chemicals to cause addictions and life-threatening behaviors. There are many in the scientific community trying to find answers for the broken brain.
     Adverse Childhood Experiences, and drug addicted birth parents, can cause the developing embryo problems as its tiny brain begins to form. The personality of a child struggles to form in its proper order as the neuronal pathways develop and it can cause a lifetime of problematic behaviors for the child. It can also cause gender problems not common for other neuro-typical people. Some neurons can actually develop into stronger or weaker parts of connection within the brain. If the connection is too strong in the body sensation area of the brain then the child will likely have sensations in their bodies they have a hard time controlling.
     When a child’s broken brain tries to make sense of the world it can become confused and react to situations differently than the neuro-typical brain. The child can spiral out of control toward self-destructive patterns of dangerous behaviors. The child can often be seen by others as an extremely bright charismatic and charming con artist or as a naughty uncontrollable entity, when in reality, the child is suffering from broken neuronal pathway damage.
     Insurance companies will pay if a tumor needs removal from brain tissue but they will not cover therapies created to reconnect broken neuronal pathways. There are new brain maps showing how electrical currents are flowing through brain tissue and it is helping physicians to see the different parts of the brain and how they are reacting to stimuli; hopefully in the near future we will find answers to help people with broken neuronal pathways.
     The United States is filling prisons with adults who have broken neuronal pathways. The streets are filling with homeless people who have broken brains. Gangs are created from children with broken brains. A neuro-typical person doesn’t feel a need to lie, steal, cheat, or hurt other people; but to a child dealing with broken neuronal pathways, those same behaviors toward society is their way of surviving. These children will fight, run or freeze at inappropriate times and it takes their brain longer to mature.
     The anxieties surrounding these children are extreme. They cope by cutting, piercing, tattooing, and rebelling in ways that are not seen as sane. It’s a very sad and hard situation for these children and their parents to live through. There is a high rate of suicides, drug overdoses and prison sentences among this group. Most of these children turn out to be victims or perpetrators and it’s hard for the parents to watch as their child spirals out of control. It becomes overwhelming to parents trying to raise these children to meet the expectations of their child and community; sadly, the only recourse the parents can take is to release these unprepared and confused eighteen-year-old children to the world to face the many obstacles in their lives they will surely bring to themselves. It is so hard for these children to stay on course after they have developed a lifelong pattern of sneaking, running, and destroying relationships because of their rebellious patterns. Committing to a task and staying committed is very hard for these people with neuronal pathway damage.
     We are searching for answers to help these most valuable and beautiful people. The extreme situations caused from brain injuries can cause many tragedies but if we can get these children the help they need we can build them a much better future. They are very hard workers in the right job because these are genius minded people. Once a person figures out they have a broken brain they can learn in different ways and move forward to become some of the best humanitarians our world has to offer. They just have to survive long enough to beat the odds and allow their brain tissue a few extra years to grow into place.